Hi Sharon


Well Tilly is now 1 year old and I thought you might like some photos to see how she's grown.


The first two are of her enjoying the spring sunshine and before she was groomed yesterday.  As you can see she looks delightfully scruffy and I've found little piles of her loose fur all over the house for the last few weeks.  Yesterday she and Barney were groomed.  Tilly had all the dead fur stripped, claws clipped and as you can see her ruff and top knot shaped as well as her tail.  She behaved very well considering it was her first professional grooming.  I brush both puppies on a regular basis but can't get the results Ginnette gets.


Now to tell you something about her personality.  She's affectionate, determined, feisty and learning to stand her ground.  She thinks nothing of telling German shepherds to stay their distance.  She and Barney are great mates and good company for each other.  She loves to walk.  Every morning we walk for about 6 km before breakfast and they have a short walk around the block before bedtime.  Tilly would love to chase bikes if she had a chance and I think it's because she used to have so much fun when she was a puppy riding on the quad bike.  The last photo shows tilly and Barney doing it tough curled up on my lap.


I thought you might also be interested to know that the lady who grooms both Barney and Tilly is Ginnette Loftus who is barney's breeder and has a great reputation as a cairn terrier breeder.  Her husband Peter Loftus is an Australian championship judge of both cairn and Aussie terriers so he was interested in seeing Tilly yesterday.  He told me she is the right size and shape as an Aussie terrier, has nice colour, good teeth and ears, good eye colour and depth and very importantly in his judgement good leather on her nose. He said that is getting hard to find in a lot of Aussie terriers and that a lot of people are plucking the hair from the nose bridge to extend the leather.  He said all in all she is a nicely bred Aussie terrier.  As you know we have never been interested in showing her but I thought you would like to have that assessment of her from her breeders point of view.


Anyway, we love Tilly and she makes a wonderful part of our life.  I hope your breeding programme is going well.  I'll send photos to you from time to time if you would like, although opportunity isn't always easy.  The ones of her on the table were taken through the kitchen window and then cropped.


Best wishes

Deirdre Love

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